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Satta King 2018 Online

Desawar (05:15 AM)

{ 57 }Satta King Result [ 37new result ]

Ghaziabad Savera (05:30 AM)

{ 99 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Ghaziabad Morning (10:30 AM)

{ ** }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Lucky No. 786 (11:00 AM)

{ 83 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Delhi Super (12:10 PM)

{ 89 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Delhi (12:50 PM)

{ 80 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Murli (01:00 PM)

{ 71 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Taj (02:30 PM)

{ 44 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Rajdhani (02:30 PM)

{ 56 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Savera (02:30 PM)

{ 74 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Ballabhgarh (03:00 PM)

{ 31 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Peshawar (03:30 PM)

{ 80 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Kashipur (04:00 PM)

{ 41 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Shri Ganesh (04:30 PM)

{ 81 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

UP King (04:30 PM)

{ 00 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Faridabad (06:00 PM)

{ 98 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Delhi King (06:15 PM)

{ 12 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

New Faridabad (06:30 PM)

{ 28 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Ghaziabad (08:00 PM)

{ 74 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Kalyan Matka (08:30 PM)

{ 05 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Noida Bazar (09:00 PM)

{ 72 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Mayapuri (09:00 PM)

{ 73 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Taj 2 (09:15 PM)

{ 22 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Ghaziabad Night (10:30 PM)

{ ** }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Gali (11:00 PM)

{ 50 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Dubai Bazar (11:10 PM)

{ 65 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Delhi Six (11:55 PM)

{ 85 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Satta King Upgameking Result Chart

Satta King Xyz is a satta result website which updates satta today result for all popular games such as Gali, Desawar, Peshawar, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Mayapuri, Shri Ganesh, Savera, Kashipur, Kolkata Evening, Rajdhani, Noida Bazar, Satta matka games, Delhi Six, Delhi Super Satta and all other satta popular games online. Satta Result for gali desawar game, Ghaziabad satta game, Faridabad satta lucky number, Peshawar satta games are regularly updated here faster than other websites. We have built a month wise and year wise result chart for all games online.

What is Satta King?

Satta King provides result for all satta matka games like Gali, Desawar, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Peshawar, Taj, Delhi Super and many more. Satta Game is a number based game which is played on 00-99 numbers. It have two types of playing option; one is Jodi and second one is Haruf. Jodi is played on number which is combination of two numbers starting from 00 to 99. Unlike Jodi, Haruf is played on single number on side basis. You can play Haruf on Jodi two numbers; Inside (Andar) and outside (Bahar). The number of Jodi in left called inside (Andar) number and the number in right called outside (Bahar). If your played number is lucky number, you will be rewarded as per this game rules. This game is very popular and the word Satta King is trending on Google Trends.

How to check today Satta result?

To check satta result online, there are numbers of website available on internet. When you search "Satta King" on Google, you will get a list of satta king result websites.Some most popular websites for checking all satta record chart are,,,, and

What are the tips for Satta Matka Game?

To be clear on this topic, there are no tips for Satta Matka game. This is a number based game, if your selected number is lucky then you will be rewarded otherwise your bidding amount will be zero. highly recommend that you should not play the satta king game whether online or offline.

Why should you not play satta game?

Satta Matka game is also based on loss or huge profit. If you are addicted to play this game and bidding daily on the numbers then you may be in big loss. So you should not play this game. To be on safer side, you should play this game for a little amount. If your bidding number is not lucky number, then your loss will be a small amount. If you bid big amount on any number to earn money from this game, you may go definitely in loss. do not recommend anyone to play this satta king game.

What is the safe playing tips for satta king game?

If you ever play this game, you should play for small amount. You should not make this game a earning point and should not invest your all money in this game. To be safe, you should avoid playing this game.

Who is satta lucky number guesser?

Satta Lucky Number guesser helps to fix the game much more before satta king result time of satta games. There are number of satta guesser available on the internet, who guesses the lucky number for you at minimal percentage of commission. Sometimes their guess numbers help you earn the big amount of money; sometimes you will lose your all invested money. not promote any guesser or never tell or send any lucky numbers.

Which satta games are the most pupular?

Gali and Desawar satta game is the most popular in every gali (slum) of the Metro city especially in Delhi. If you want to play Gali matka game or Desawar satta game, you may find an agent for this game in your nearby. Besides these two games, Ghaziabad satta, Faridabad satta, kashipur satta, goldstar satta, shri ganesh satta, rajdhani satta are also very popular. Though, playing satta is a bad habit and illegal, yet people are trying their luck in satta online games for making money using this shortcut. We suggest that you should not play any satta matka games.

What are popular websites for cheking satta king result online?

The most popular websites to check satta king result online are,,,, and Besides these, many other websites are available and show the result of satta king game result online.

Why to check satta king online result? has gali desawar chart satta month wise and year wise for your comfort. Satta King xyz updates result for all satta games like Gali, Desawar, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, kashipur, shri ganesh etc faster than other websites. Satta Result chart for all games can be checked at month wise and year wise from date of starting to today.

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Before closing this topic, we suggest and recommend you to not play satta games either online or offline. If you play satta king games, then only you will be responsible for any loss or damage, if occurred. Keep visiting this website for today matka results. Good Luck.


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